High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine

Nozzles :

Variety of nozzles for different applications up to 20000 PSI are available as follows :

Straight Nozzle : For surface cleaning. cutting and general applications.


Fan Jct Nozzle : For surface cleaning whcrc laycris soft and to rapidly clcan large areas. The jcts usually have an angle from 300 to 600.


Forward with Centre Jet Nozzle : For effective pipe cleaning, where 2 or more orifice are at a forward angle to one orifice at the centre.


Backward with Centre Jet Nozzle : For effective cleaning of chocked tubes. If used along with flexible lance acts as a self propelling nozzle.


High Pressure Gun
Manually Controlled by use of trigger. used for surface cleaning along with either straight or fan jet type of nozzles.


High Pressure Foot Valve
Manually controlled by foot and is used where continuous cleaning at high pressures is to be carried out.


Hose Reel
Used for easy and systematic storing oflon g hoses.


Nozzle carrier
Tailor made nozzle carriers for descaling systems in Iron and Steel industry, Crate cleaning system etc.


Wet Blasting Attachment
Abra sivcs along with high pressure water jet passed through this attachment is used for removal ofpaint and very hard layer of corrosion.


Surface/Gate Cleaners
For officiant surface! gate cleaning in paint booths by rotating jets.


Roto jet
Multi-Nozzle rotary attachment for tank cleaning.


Filed Of Aplication :

» Automobile Industry   » Cement Industry  » Ship Building   » Chemical Industry   » Food & Beverage Industry
» Iron & Steel Industry   » Power & Mining Industry   » Municipal Services   » OIl & Gas Refinery
» Offshore Exploration   » Pulp & Paper Industry