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Narrow Width Pipe Beveling Machine

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Narrow Width Pipe Beveling Machine


This machine is designed for pipe end beveling of small diameter,pipe out mounted compact installation. It is used in pipe end bevelling process of professional equipments & on-site overhaul, e.g. Water cooled wall, overheater, reheater, fuel economizer, boiler & fire thermo electricity etc.


High Quality bevelling tool which can process different grades of carbon steels, alloyed steels, stainless steels & other materials of metal pipes.


An outside caliper is fixed in proper position, simple and light, precise centering, steady mount and convenient operation.


Driving Type : Electric : 1 phase, 230 volts, 50-60 Hz, Power 1.4 KW
Pneumatic: It uses pneumatic drive of 5 to 7 bar air pressure with air flow of 53-70 CFM



Electric Drive

Pneumatic Drive

Working Range

Wall Thickness Speed

BNFC - 53-II


Dia 14-53

8mm Max. 56 RPM



Dia 25-76

12mm Max 48 RPM